Thursday, 23 May 2013

Eurovision Nostalgia

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest with my husband and my Mamma while in Oslo last weekend. And what struck me was the lack of magic, it's become an interminable circus with an inordinate number of svelte women in revealing clothes singing boring songs. And the turgid Norwegian commentator, urgh, did nothing to lift the atmosphere at all. Graham Norton all is forgiven!
I loved ESC as a small child and I still remember the Israeli song which won in 1979 (very aging, I know), it was called 'Hallelujah'.  Looking at this video I realise that I only heard it on the radio - perhaps not a bad thing.

My all-time favourite is C'est Le Dernier Qui A Parlé Qui A Raison sung by Amina Annabi in 1991. Love love love.

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