Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Natacha Atlas - Adam's Lullaby

Sometimes advertisements can open your eyes to the most amazing music - like this...

Rhodolite Garnet 'Droplet' Bracelet

Bracelet featuring smooth droplets of Rhodolite Garnet interspersed with tiny Sterling Silver beads and finished off with a Sterling Silver t-bar clasp flanked by tiny faceted rondelles of cranberry Garnet.

Price: £24.

To purchase go to  www.etsy.com/listing/153428651/rhodolite-garnet-bracelet

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Silver Gourmette Necklace with Garnet Pendant

Necklace featuring a slim Sterling Silver rolled chain adorned with a faceted briolette nugget of deep red Garnet. The Sterling Silver trigger clasp is flanked by 3 faceted rondelles of cranberry Garnet either side and has a Sterling Silver extender chain finished off with a faceted pear briolette of Pink Tourmaline.

Price: £46

To purchase: Email me or go to my Etsy shop via this link AWJ Garnet Silver Gourmette Necklace

Doctor Rockit - Café de Flore

This track was on a compilation I bought many years ago and it reminds me of flaking out for several days on a sunlounger at Florida Plage in Nice, with the sound of the waves rustling against the pebbles on the beach... And as I am off to see my parents in Nice today I thought I'd get in the mood!

(this music was also a kind of leitmotif in the film 'Café de Flore', which is what brought me back to it)

Gourmette Bracelet with Garnets & Pink Tourmaline

This bracelet features a fine Sterling Silver rolled chain adorned with a tiny leaf of Rhodolite Garnet, a faceted kite briolette of cranberry Garnet and a tiny faceted briolette of Pink Tourmaline. The clasp is a Sterling Silver lobster.

Price: £34.

To purchase: Email me or go to my Etsy shop at AWJ Gourmette Bracelet on Etsy

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Say no to gnomes!

I am a self-confessed ad addict. And every time I see the new IKEA ad on TV I fall about in fits of laughter. To the point where I give my stomach muscles a good workout... My husband is mystified, he doesn't get it at all. But I think this is the best ad out there this spring.

Say no to gnomes.

(Some knowledge of the British gardener's predilection for garden gnomes might be required to appreciate this)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rhodolite Garnet Bracelet

Bracelet featuring rectangular tiles of plummy red Rhodolite Garnets, finished off with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp flanked by tiny faceted rondelles of pink Ruby.

Price: £32 - Sold

Cranberry Garnet Slim Bracelet

Super-slim bracelet featuring delicately faceted rondelles of cranberry Garnets which twinkle as you move your wrist . Sterling Silver t-bar clasp - can be substituted with a 14K Gold-fill clasp at no extra cost.

Price: £46 - Sold


With the arrival of the warm and sunny spring weather this weekend I was inspired to put away my knitting (comforting and purposeful during the long winter we've had) and delve into my box of treasures...

Twinkling like drops of red juice were my lovely Garnets, which I haven't worked with for a long time - but they look beautiful even against pale spring complexions so now is a good time to wear them.

Below is a selection of 3 bracelets I've made, more photos and information to follow...