Friday, 16 October 2009


I absolutely love cluster earrings; making them and wearing them. Here is another pair, inspired Florence and The Machine, who I am rather mesmerised by this autumn.
These clusters feature extra-large, truly luscious faceted briolettes of peachy Rutilated Quartz, swinging from clusters of twinkling tiny brios of cognac-coloured Tourmaline and espresso-coloured Smoky Quartz, plus tiny faceted rondelles of champagne-coloured Ametrine and apricot Andalusite. Sterling Silver used throughout.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Smoky Clusters

One of my must enduringly popular styles is the cluster earring, with lots of twinkling stones catching the light.

Here is a pair featuring large faceted briolettes of Smoky Quartz, topped with a dense cluster of tiny heart brios and rondelles of Andalusite, Smoky Quartz and Ametrine. These are suspended from Sterling Silver earwires, and come with little silicone nuggets to keep them securely in place when worn.