Sunday, 25 November 2012

Onyx Princess

The days are getting shorter and shorter, and even taking photos in the mid-day sun creates a chiaroscuro effect like this... to be honest, it's a bit difficult to get things done!

Here is a princess* necklace featuring smooth round beads of Onyx interspersed with tiny faceted rondelles of Hematite and finished off with a Sterling Silver shepherd's hook clasp.

Price: £65 / €80

*A princess-length necklace is short and rests on the collarbones. The term stems from the old anglosaxon tradition of giving girls a pearl for every birthday until she turns 21, at which point the pearls are strung into a necklace that rests neatly around the throat - a 'princess' necklace. In contrast, a matinée-length necklace rests on the breastbone, while an opera-length necklace swishes down below the bust.

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