Saturday, 8 September 2012

Late Summer Sale

Summer is winding down, and I need to make room for the new pieces I am preparing for autumn...

Kyanite and Sterling Silver bracelet. Was £26 - now £22.10

Rhodium and Green Onyx earrings on Sterling Silver closed hooks. Were £16 - now £13.60

Pale Aqua Chalcedony and Sterling Silver hoop chandeliers. Were £36 - now £30.06

Two bracelets featuring a mix of teal Apatite, lime green Peridot, pale green Prehnite and sky blue Topaz with textured Sterling Silver beads. One has a large Apatite nugget and a Sterling Silver lobster clasp, the other has a large meteorite-shaped Sterling Silver bead and a Sterling Silver t-bar clasp. Were £26 each - now £22.10.                                                                                                                     The third bracelet features faceted rondelles of sky blue Topaz with a Sterling Silver t-bar clasp. Was: £22 - now £19.80

Long Sterling Silver necklace with a pendant featuring a large faceted Opaline briolette set in a cluster of Blue Topaz and Labradorite. Was £52 - now £46.80.

Sterling Silver chain bracelet with a cluster of clear faceted Swarovski crystals. Was: £24 - now £20.40

Bracelet featuring tiny glass beads in matte creamy pink and a Sterling Silver lobster clasp adorned with tiny Pink Topaz and Rose Quartz faceted briolettes. Was: £16 - now £14.40

More to come...

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