Tuesday, 11 August 2009

In the Pink

One of my absolute favourite new fashion finds is Libélula, a small brand run by a British designer. The cut of her dresses remains more or less the same from one season to the next, with variations in length, fabric & colour - so now that I know that the Libélula style suits me I will always be able to find something in their collections. Wonderful. (see http://www.libelula-studio.com/)

My most treasured Libélula dress is a floaty retro number in vibrant fuchsia silk georgette - with a most unusual flock detail in the fabric. It shouldn't work, but it does. This dress has the ability to make me look slim-waisted and elegant, and as soon as I brought it home I made a dainty pair of earrings featuring little rubies and pink tourmalines trickling down from the earlobes. It's a very simple style, which relies entirely on the quality of the gemstones used - and these are gorgeous...

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